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Cap #2010-0248

White baseball-style cap with ‘ALP’ embroidered on the front, featuring the signatures of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard on the peak of the cap.


Kevin Rudd’s ascent to the Labor leadership was in part due to his partnership with his deputy leader, Julia Gillard. The Rudd/Gillard relationship was a crucial factor in the ultimate success of the campaign and in government Gillard, as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education, Employment, Workplace Relations and Minister for Social Inclusion, was arguably the most powerful member of Rudd’s team. Gillard was part of the key decision-making team in the Rudd government. Throughout that government the relationship between Prime Minister and deputy was highlighted by the media and speculation became rife about the possibility of Gillard eventually succeeding Rudd as Labor leader. This eventually became a reality on 24 June 2010 after an extraordinary series of events that saw the Australian Labor Party (ALP) replace Rudd as leader following abandonment of key policy areas and poor poll performances. Gillard led the ALP to the 2010 election; the result was a hung parliament in which Gillard was able to form a minority government. The manner in which Gillard replaced Rudd, categorised by the opposition as ‘assassination,’ was a key election issue and has been speculated to be one cause of the large swing away from Labor in Queensland.

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Statement of values

This cap is significant because it has been personally signed by two Labor Prime Ministers, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Their signatures on the cap illustrate the relationship between two of the most important and successful ALP leaders of the 21st century. The Rudd/Gillard relationship has in many ways defined contemporary political discourse, especially after Julia Gillard’s replacement of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister, and the issue of Rudd’s position in the Gillard government remains prominent, particularly during the 2010 election campaign.


Width 200mm
Height 150mm
Depth 260mm
Medium Cotton; metal
Creator’s name Unknown
Date created Circa 2007