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Framed Photograph of the Duke and Duchess of York #2014-0025

Black and white portrait of the Duke and Duchess of York; with signatures and date (1988) in mat beneath photograph; in frame covered with blue leather and with a gold stamped border around the margin.


This photograph was a gift from the Duke and Duchess of York to Caroline Cooper MVO. It is part of a collection of photographs donated to the Museum by Caroline Cooper.

Caroline Cooper was formerly employed in Malcolm Fraser’s office as Private Secretary to Tamie Fraser and then as a public servant for the South Pacific Task Force, Prime Minister and Cabinet (Royal Visits, Bicentennial) and the Office of Philip Ruddock (Immigration, Attorney-General). During that time she was involved in numerous visits to Australia by members of the British Royal Family, becoming familiar both to them and their staff. She was held in high esteem by the Royal Family, as evidenced by her admission as a Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO), a personal honour from Queen Elizabeth II. Many of the photos in her collection are also personally signed.

Caroline Cooper joined the Special Visits Unit to help prepare for a number of royal visits to Australia during Australia’s Bicentennary. In September/October 1988 Caroline assisted with the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York, and received this signed photograph as a souvenir of the visit.

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Statement of values

The photographs in this collection all have historic significance because of the association between the donor, Caroline Cooper, and the people she worked for during a long career in the public service.

This collection of photographs is significant as evidence of the comparatively large number of visits to Australia by members of the British Royal Family during the Bicentennial year. These visits emphasised Australia’s historic ties to Great Britain, in many ways reaffirming Australia’s close link with the British Constitutional Monarchy.

  • Framed Photograph of the Duke and Duchess of YorkFramed Photograph of the Duke and Duchess of York —


Width 185mm
Height 236mm
Depth 22mm
Medium Photograph; cardboard; timber; leather; glass; metal
Creator’s name Unknown
Date created c.1988