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Industrial Mixer #2007-2305Pastry Room, South Wing, Lower Floor

Hobart industrial mixer; oval shaped motor barrel with green on/red off switch, lever with black knob and outlet for attachments; supported on stand with circular lever at top and circular support at the centre with adjustable clamps for mixing bowls; with orange power cord attached.


This industrial mixer was used in the kitchens at the Provisional Parliament House. The dining and kitchen facilities were an important aspect of the building, as it was designed to be fully self-contained. The facilities and equipment were responsible for providing meals and refreshments to the Members’ Dining Room, private dining rooms, offices (on request), and, after 1949, to the dining room built for staff and the press. As well as day to day meals, the kitchen staff were also called upon to cater for large functions associated with special occasions such as royal or overseas visits and important events, including the 1954 State Banquet for Queen Elizabeth II. This industrial mixer would have been used to help prepare countless meals each day.

This appliance was manufactured by the company who developed electric mixers, The Hobart Company Pty. Ltd. The machine-powered mixer was invented by Herbert Johnson in 1908 as a more convenient and efficient way to mix dough than by hand. There are numerous attachments that can be used for a variety of functions and products, such as beating eggs, combining pastry or whipping butter. Many of the attachments used at the Provisional Parliament House remain in the collection.

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Statement of values

This industrial mixer is significant through its association with the kitchens and the dining and recreation block in the South Wing. The wing was an integral part of the early design and development of the Provisional Parliament House. The facilities were an important part of the intention for the building to be fully self-contained. These facilities also played an important role in the Commonwealth Parliament and Government hosting Royal visits, official State receptions and formal dinners for important guests.

This industrial mixer is significant as a component of the Heritage Collection, which comprises those objects which were used in the Provisional Parliament House between 1924 and 1988. The collection has associations with the process of government, the ceremonial, administrative, promotional and recreational functions conducted within the building, and with the individuals who governed Australia between 1927 and 1988. The Old Parliament House building has a richness of internal fabric and collections, which include the purpose designed furniture and furnishings, that convey the way in which parliamentary functions were conducted, the everyday use of the building, and the hierarchical nature of parliamentary staffing practices.

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Width 580mm
Height 1300mm
Depth 580mm
Medium Metal; rubber; electrical components
Creator’s name The Hobart Company Pty. Ltd.
Date created Unknown