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Waiting Staff Dining Room — LF515South Wing, Lower Floor

This room was used as a waiting staff dining room. It is located on the lower floor of the dining and recreation block in the South Wing. In 1950 this room was enlarged by integrating it with the adjacent room (LF519, previously used as the dining room for female staff) to create a joint staff dining room. By 1983 it had been converted into the gardener’s room.

The dining and kitchen facilities at the Provisional Parliament House were an important aspect of the building, as it was designed to be fully self-contained. These facilities assisted in providing Ministers, Members, Senators and staff with some measure of comfort in compensation for long sitting hours in the building and the long periods away from their homes. The kitchen facilities were responsible for providing meals and refreshments to the Members’ Dining Room, private dining rooms, offices (on request), and, after 1949, to the dining room built for staff and the press. As well as day to day meals, the kitchen staff were also called upon to cater for large functions associated with special occasions such as royal or overseas visits and important events, including the 1954 State Banquet for Queen Elizabeth II.