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Bottle of Eye-wash that belonged to Bob Hawke #2011-0079Dressing Room, Prime Minister’s Suite, North Wing, Main Floor

Small white plastic bottle, with text written in brown reading ‘AllERGAN / Liquifilm / Forte / Polyvinyl alcohol 3.0% / enhanced / artificial tears…’; removable screw-top lid with horizontal grooves around edges and a smooth tapering top.


In the late 1990s, staff members at the museum found a selection of objects in a drawer in the Prime Minister’s dressing room (M602), including hair dye, shoelaces, and this bottle of ‘artifical tears’. These items had been left there when the Australian Parliament relocated in 1988, linking them with the last Prime Minister to occupy this suite of rooms, Bob Hawke.

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Statement of values

This bottle of eye-wash that belonged to Bob Hawke is significant through its association with Prime Minister Bob Hawke (Prime Minister 1983 - 1991).

This bottle of eye-wash is significant as a component of the Heritage Collection, which comprises those objects which were used in the Provisional Parliament House between 1924 and 1988. The collection has associations with the process of government, the ceremonial, administrative, promotional and recreational functions conducted within the building, and with the individuals who governed Australia between 1927 and 1988. The Old Parliament House building has a richness of internal fabric and collections, which include the purpose designed furniture and furnishings, that convey the way in which parliamentary functions were conducted, the everyday use of the building, and the hierarchical nature of parliamentary staffing practices.

  • Bottle of Eye-wash that belonged to Bob HawkeBottle of Eye-wash that belonged to Bob Hawke —


Width 38mm
Height 80mm
Depth 20mm
Medium Plastic; liquid
Creator’s name Allergan
Date created Circa 1980s